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I can has it!!!!!  The Journal-Times reporter one!!!!!!!!!! I start Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So very confused.

We had wine with dinner, and then I had a bit more wine, and then I checked the internets, and now I'm going to have to remember to tell myself that Michael Jackson is really really dead and that I didn't imagine it.  Also, nothing feels very real after you sing along with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog really loudly.  So yes. Note to self.  Michael Jackson = actually dead, not Thriller dead.
Also will probably think I'm crazy for having posted about this tomorrow.

Also also, half the reason I posted is because I feel the need for this mood theme emoticon in my life today.
1. Waiting for this organic self-tanner that I got a coupon for to dry.
2. Waiting for the mod to post my two words for the first lostsquee fic challenge (have never entered a fic challenge before -- or even posted fic on a community.  SO EXCITED/SCARED.)

RenFaire pictures! (finally!)

So, a month later, I finally got the RenFaire pics off my camera.  You can see the full photostream over at my Flickr, but I thought I'd post a few select favorites here.  My family has some sort of "we suck at taking good pictures" gene, and I'm really surprised that some of these turned out this well -- wish the whole set had!  I had to cull a lot of them.  But, without further ado:

This was, by far, my favorite picture of the day.  I could have spent a long time watching this fellow, especially with his adorable assistant.  I like how the picture captures a little bit of how patient he was with her.  Here's another one of him with his forge.

I love the serene look on his face.

This guy was singing a song in the Beer Tent about various different containers for alcohol.  You can see some examples of said containers sitting on the edge of the stage behind him.  He had some serious stamina; the song goes on forever and he was mostly surrounded by people who were trying to find a place out of the sun to eat overpriced hamburgers, but he sang away... and I love that I caught him in this pose, because it captures a little of that determination.

And then there's this guy.  Gotta love a Samurai who's out of place.



A post with little point other than to go
I have a car!  One I bought myself (even if I did buy it from my Mom)!  The title is in my name and everything!  And I bought a license plate!  And insurance!  YAY!!!!  I'm driving over to Boone tomorrow to sign my insurance forms, to buy some hanging baskets for Mothers' Day for Mom and Granny, to get our guitars re-strung, and to have the car washed and vacuumed at the Auto Bell.  And then there will be pictures.  I already put my Warren Wilson Alumni plate rim on it :D

Also, we FINALLY found the camera cord, so there may be RenFaire pics tomorrow as well, if I'm lucky and remembered to bring home the box that has my camera in it.

Current name for the car in the top of the running: Rhiannon.  It's silver, it's freakin' gorgeous, it takes me where I need to go, and I spend most of my time in it listening to Celtic music.   Still thinkin', though.

Doo, doo, doo, dehydration...

A helpful tip:

Kids, when you lose all your fluid in your body (excepting your blood and some... uh... lymph and stuff), it's a good idea to replace it.  Otherwise, you go to sleep and have dreams like this:
Dream #1: At my grandmother's house, searching for Dr. Pepper in her fridge.
Dream #2: At a social at my old church, trying to find the table with the cups of sweet tea, except it keeps moving.
Dream #3: In London with Rachel and the theatre group, drinking carbonated fizzy beer (which doesn't exist) and feeling really drunk and kind of sick.
Dream #4: Actually thinking I was awake and trying to find a bottle of apple juice in my fridge.

Finally woke up, actually did find the apple juice, and am trying to not inhale it because that would make me feel vomitlicious.

Today's goal: replace liquids.  Print/send transcript request forms.  Make sure to take pain killer before any sort of steel-rod-through-my-body-style pain starts.  Watch Heroes. 




So, I've spent the past three hours working on creating a Hurley moodtheme.  And it's SO CLOSE to working.  Except I can't get two of the pics to work.  It's not the fact that they're JPG rather than PNG.  It's not the size.  It's not the URLs.  I don't know wtf it is.  Just that it's annoying the absolute balls out of me.  But at least I can use it sorta in the meantime.  BUT!  I'm still in the process of adding each mood manually, so it's taking forever, and it's messing up the moods on my past entries.  BALLS!  Balls, I say!  Hrrrrmmphh.  Oh well.  At least I'm having a grand ol' time sorting through tons of Lost icons.  (Also, the reason this will be a me-only theme is that I can't figure out how to credit the pics.  I can do it with regular icons, but with a mood theme?  Not sure.)

Also, tomorrow I may tell the world why/how I'm applying for work with the US Air Force (say whaaaaat?)

ETA: Ha.  Fixed it somewhat.  Did it by a cop-out -- just traded my first choice of pics on those two for two others.  Even though I don't like 'em as much.  But now I want to change some up, 'cause lj's emotional hierarchical tree makes very little sense.  Having way too much fun with this :)


Oh, Monday mornings...

Good grief.  I made sure to wake up early to get homework done, then fell asleep in the middle of it and didn't leave enough time to shower.  Now I feel gross and have to go to work*.  BOO.

However, the fact that I bought a starfruit yesterday and can have it for lunch might make up for this fact.  Starfruit cures all ills.  Freakin' coolest fruit ever.  Except for that spiny orange kind that looks like a puffer fish, but I've never actually eaten one of those, so I can't compare them on any basis besides looks.

*Admittedly, I probably wouldn't have fallen asleep if I hadn't gotten in bed to read said homework and made the conscious decision to "rest my eyes."  If I'm gonna complain, I should at least be honest about the cause of said complaint = me :P

Mmm mmm

Went over to Allison's house, met her cats, made spinach calzone, listened to bluegrass, and went to see Slumdog Millionaire.  Awesome evening.

Also -- Slumdog Millionaire = AWESOME MOVIE.  I mean, everybody else is saying that too, but really... I agree.  I think my favorite parts were in the first fifteen minutes and the credits, but the middle was damn good, too.  Lovely, lovely evening.

Didn't get as much done today as I wanted, but I'll take good friend-time over homework any day of the week!  Life is much better that way :)



I can't give any of the details because eeejai hasn't seen it yet, but I HATE YOU, J.J. ABRAMS.  HATE.  SO FULL OF HATE FOR YOU RIGHT NOW.
(and that would be because we just finished the second-to-last disc of LOST Season 2.